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ACMAN is a passionate company whose mission is to provide clean air for industrial production processes with our creative filtration technology and sustainable dust extraction applications and solutionsIndustrial production processes often generarte a variety of airborne raw gas and dust pollutants which must be reliably extracted and separated, not only to protect facilities and equipment, but also to enhance employee health and well-being. We are a leading manufacturer of dust extraction systems and filtration technology with special focus on innovation and sustainability. We abide by our slogan “Standard for clean air”1:Dry Dust Extraction Solutions: Cartridge Dust Collection Equipments, Bag Type Dust Collector/Bag House, Movable/Portable Welding Fume Eater,Sinter-Plated Filter Dust Extractor...2:Wet Type Dust Remove Solutions: Wet Scrubber/Water Scrubber, Spray Towel...3:Other Dust Suction Equipments:Feeding Station, Spark Arrester, Cyclone...ACMAN is dedicated to provide a best solution for your unique industrial production processes,customers various from HVAC, Mining, Pharmaceutical to Metal Process,specific machines... 
Basic Information
Established2006 Year
Business TypeManufacturer & Trading Company
Primary servicesManufacture Dust Collectors/Environment Protection Equipments
More productsWet Scrubber and VOCS Treatment, Industrial Dust Collection System Design and Operation, Environmental Protection Area's Consultant and Machines Import and Export, UHMWPE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) Filters Development
Address22th sanxin road,renhe street
Trade & Market
Main MarketMainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Japan, North America, South America, East Asia, Africa, Oceania
Whether any overseas office is availableNo
Factory Information
EmployeesNot filled
Plant Add22th sanxin road,renhe street

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