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PE Sinter-plated Filter and Equipment

1. Can capture dust of 0.1μm particle size, extremely high industrial dust removal efficiency (H13);
2. The emission concentration is much less than 1mg/Nm3; the heating season dust collector switches to indoor discharge, which can save a lot of energy!
3. The coating is deeply embedded in the substrate, will not wear and tear, and maintain excellent filtration performance from beginning to end;
4.PE substrate + PTFE coating, pure surface filtration, stable resistance throughout the service life;
5. Rigid filter material, extremely wear-resistant, can achieve long life and reduce the consumption of compressed air; (life expectancy > 10 years)
6. PE and PTFE bring excellent chemical resistance;
7. Self-lubricating material, easy to clean ash;
8. Can be cleaned;
9. Absolutely free of silicon;
10. No fiber shedding, no risk of product contamination;
11. Compact shape, only 1/2~1/3 of the baghouse size, but still adapt to high inlet concentration;
12. Anti-static model optional
(surface resistance ≤ 10E6, suitable for explosive dust);

PE Sinter-plated Filter and Equipment

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