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Pneumatic(Air Operated) Vacuum Cleaner-Immersion Bath

Pneumatic(Air Operated) Vacuum Cleaner-Immersion Bath
Pneumatic(Air Operated) Vacuum Cleaner-Immersion Bath
CategoriesATEX Explosive-proof Vacuum Cleaner-Pneumatic
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ModelTEX2-E IB 9L
Update Time2020-03-29
Detail Information
This series of explosion proof vacuum cleaner is electric, which is suitable for recovery explosive dust ( except for aluminum powder, magnesium powder, gunpowder and so on ) in Zone I & Zone 2 area of explosive gas environment and Zone 21 & Zone 22 area of explosive dust environment It is widely used for aviation, aerospace, military, machinery processing, 3D metal printing and other industry. lt is used for Heavy industry environment for a long time continuous operation. The immersion (bath) type of explosion-proof vacuum cleaner uses patent structure technology, make the dust which has high danger can be neutralized with the liquid in the recycle tank so that the dust won't be exploded or burn. Selection of the liquid which is used for neutralize the dust should combine with the characteristics of dust.Such as water, paraffin oil, mineral oil etc.The principle of how to choose the neutralize liquid is can't let the dust and liquid reaction to produce combustible gas, high temperature, fire and other dangerous phenomenon. This series explosion-proof vacuum cleaner adopts 304 stainless steel for overall structure. The machine is to firm that could ensure keep work safety with long time under the industrial environment. This series product adopts heavy industrial Ex high pressure blower, stronger power with good suction and airflow, and low noise. 
* Meeting the European ATEX Directive 
* Patented product
 * Zone I , Zone 2 and Zone 21 , Zone 22
 * Highest explosion-proof grade IIC 
* be used for heavy industry environment for a long time continuous operation
 * All stainless steel 304 material 
* Medium and high efficiency filter configuration 
* Conductive explosion-proof wheel, accessories 

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