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Wet Sandblasting Machine

Wet Sandblasting Machine
Wet Sandblasting Machine
Wet Sandblasting MachineWet Sandblasting MachineWet Sandblasting MachineWet Sandblasting Machine
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Update Time2020-05-26
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Wet Abrasive Blasting Cabinet, Dust-free Blasting Cabinet  

The working principle of Wet blasting cabinet is abrasive mixed with water in a slurry pump. The pump push the mixture to the blasting nozzle, while compressed air power accelerate the mixture to the product surface. The obvious advantages of wet blasting process is:  

1. Dust free, The bringing of water reduces the dust, keep a clean working environment  
2. Decrease the friction heat to prevent color changes for same special workpieces.  
3. Eliminate the surface removal of dedicated parts, maintain a more precise shape.  

4. Any Ultra-fine abrasive can be used while dry blaster can not achieve.  

Dustless Wet Blasting Cabinet Features
>Make the product surface more dedicate and clean, because of water's cushion and washing.
>Does not cause pollution to the environment and protect the health of operator.
>Compact model, foot controlled working of blast gub, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
>Stainless steel body, anti-rust. The working chamber is equipped with a rubber plate to prevent the jet impact.

>High-class abrasive pumps, blast guns, gun nozzle (with boron carbide material), workbenches(contains wearing-resistant materials - polyurethane), long life to ensure reliable performance.

>Abrasive can be effectively recycled, less consumption, reduce production cost.
>The wet blasting cabinet is Simple structure, requires less maintenance.

Dimensions: 1650mm long * 1200mm wide* 1800mm high
Working size: 1200mm long * 1200mm wide * 850mm high
Sand pump: polyurethane high wear-resistant liquid sand pump
Lighting: 18w fluorescent 1 pc 
Number of guns:1pc (with aluminum boron carbide nozzle)
Shell: 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate welded
Perspective window: frame 1pc
Sand bucket: 1pc
Foot switch: 1pc
Workbench openings:2, a total of 1 pair of gloves
Door: side door 660mm high * 440mm wide
Air pressure is greater than: 5 bar (kg/cm2)air compressor is about 1 cubic meter of demand-side equipment
Maximum load in the working chamber:100kg
Total power:0.38 KW or so
Total weight:0.38ton
The choice of abrasive blasting, if your goal is to remove the surface of the oxide skin, burr, you can use with
water chestnut spray material, su white corundum, steel cut pills, silicon carbide, if you are removing internal stress, 
you can use round sand material, such as cast steel shot.
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