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Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber

Since we produce dust control system, which use filters (cartridges, bags or sintered plate filters) to capture and control dusts, we obviously have a preference for dry dust collection systems. But what about the wet type dust collector? Both dry and wet system has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of them depend on your working process, the type of particle dust you produce, and your individual limits or needs. Baghouse and cartridges filter dust collectors have worked steady, safely and efficiently for long-term years and in several different dust extraction applications.  However, as concern and awareness of flammable or combustible dust issues grows, lot of companies is considering a wet system that “scrubs” the raw gas stream use of water for dust control.

If there is a risk of deflagration, Wet dust collector is suitable, especially for combustible dust, metal dust. If choose dry dust collection system, it should include safety devices such as spark traps, and fire-retardant filters that will not fuel a fire. Wet scrubber systems decrease the risk of fire or explosion atmosphere because the raw gas travelling through the collector cleaned by “scrubbing” it with clean water before allowing the dust to emit out. This ensures that even if there is an ignition fire source, there’s no dust atmosphere clouds or dry flammable dust to ignite. On the other hand, dry collectors with proper maintenance and housekeeping have been used safely for many years with almost every type of dust imaginable. In addition, a dry collector is more efficient for dry smaller particulate, smoke, and welding fumes. Wet dust collector is ideal for moisture dust collection, sticky dust collection, and for the collection of highly combustible dusts, such as those with a Kst of 300 or higher or ST3 Dust Explosion Class.

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